Reselling Upon Multiple Platforms

If you are a seasoned reseller, one of the biggest tips out there is to stay consistent and cross-list. Each platform has pros and cons. Some apps will grant you access to cash fast, some have waiting times, some hold your funds until a good review is posted. The important key is to figure out what works for each application. For example, high quality clothing items do great on Poshmark. I use Mercari for discontinued perfumes, lotions, and toys. Facebook Marketplace is easy to sell locally for cash with no fees. Offerup releases your funds as soon as you ship before the buyer even receives it.

Find your niche and get hustlin!


Valentine Fun

Need a craft to keep the kids busy while the PNW still pours down more rain? Look no further! You need:

  • Paper (cardstock or construction)
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Cut out different shapes of hearts. Big, small. Cut the smooth piece of the paper plate out so it creates an open circle.
  2. start gluing the hearts around the ring of the paper plate until all of the plate is covered.
  3. Glue a loop of string/ribbon at the top of the plate to hang!
  4. hearts

Poshmark Resell Anyone?

How many of you have tried this site yet? Selling or Buying? There are killer deals on here from people who do this as a full time job! Follow my IG for tips along the way of how you can make some extra cash! IG: @artisanloft

There are specific tips you should follow to make this worthwhile on your time and effort. If you can do it right – there could be some pretty decent cash on your side!

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Happy Poshing!

Pumpkin Spice Season

We all knew it was coming! Need the perfect gift? This hilarious mug fits right into the fall season for those coffee and pumpkin lovers out there.


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Its been a crazy year over here! We had a baby who decided to arrive ten weeks early! So I have been so behind on social media and blogging! I have a few new projects I posted below ⬇️👌🏻

I would love to hear what all the mommas are doing out there and what type of crafts everyones been up to! Send some hellos! 💁🏼‍♀️🍷🖤

Happy Craftin! 

Adulting is Hard

I know so many Mompreneurs out there who think this exact same thing 🙂 Spring break is nearly over so there is a silver lining!

So it inspired this adorable mug here. The link is in my bio as well as my etsy shop. @artisanloft


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Gifts In A Jar

I do not know about anyone else. But I LOVE Mason Jars! They are so useful for anything!

This idea is just a simple and very quick gift idea. You can place a few nail polishes, file, maybe some tylenol, and an eye mask and BOOM you have a “Mommy Survival Kit.”

(Maybe even a mini bottle of alcohol 🙂   ). haha! Place a cute little label on it and they can store it easily until they are ready to use it!

Check out this link for more ideas!

Hope everyone’s new year is going great so far!


DIY Gumball Machine – Valentine Project

What you need:

4″ terracotta pot (Dollar Tree)
4″ terracotta saucer (Dollar Tree)
Wooden Ball (Handle)
Paint (we used outdoor patio paint, white for the base, pink for the top coat)
A small round bowl – Fish Bowl – Dollar Tree has them.
Alphabet stickers (Although we almost used a Sharpie and glitter.)
Glue or hot glue gun.

What to do:

Paint the terracotta pot for whatever design you want. In this case we are doing a valentine theme! Flip the pot over and hot glue the glass bowl to the Pot.

Then glue the wooden ball to the bottom of the saucer as the lid and handle.

Fill the glass bowl with candies – place the lid on top and Voila! You have a handmade gumball machine!

gumball machine

Happy Valentines Day Fellow Crafters!